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resolved to reason

As of today I haven’t completed the post I intended to publish by Friday of last week.  My wife and I are awaiting the arrival of our first child so my time to write has been limited to say the least.  I am working on it and hope to have it posted shortly.  In the meantime lets take a buzz around the blogosphere:

  • Michael J. Kruger is writing a series called “The Ten Basic Facts about the New Testament Canon that Every Christian Should Memorize.” The post is insightful and well worth your time. The third entry in the series can be found here.
  • Over at Reformation Theology, John Samson answers this question:

“How do you explain Adam then? God gave him a command not to eat the fruit but he also gave him free will to choose. Hence why we fell into sin. If he didn’t have free…

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I’m Here…

resolved to reason

This is my first blog post…ever.  What am I doing here? Why write a blog? Why add to the army of  blogs already alive and thriving in cyberspace? There are millions of new blogs that publish to the web every day that cover every imaginable idea and topic from the inane and boring to the interesting and practical.  There are blogs that cover politics, religion, sports, money, food, and blogs that even blog about blogging.  The daunting imagery of a needle in a haystack currently comes to mind as I peck away at my keyboard and yet I can’t wait to publish this so you, whoever you are, can read it.  What is ‘it’ going to be about though? What will this blog be about? Lets circle back to the first question I asked at the beginning of this post: what am I doing here?

The abbreviated answer is that…

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