Month: August 2013

What Love is this?

resolved to reason

Love.  What a loaded and nuanced concept that the world keeps getting wrong.  American culture and the slowly fading post-modern movement are in the process of redefining love.  Liberal theologians, rock star mega-church pastors and their undiscerning followers are guzzling the liberal love kool-aid by the bucket full and the visible church in America is suffering because of it.  Their bankrupt view of love is not derived from or defined by Scripture any longer, instead it is defined by what society deems lovely.  It’s being redefined by our culture and adopted by professing believers in Christ.  This is to say that in our modern culture love isn’t supposed to offend.  Love must be universally accepting no matter if one engages in a lifestyle of sin.  Love is dependent on human emotion so it changes like a chameleon.  Love, as defined by society, affirms sin to avoid making someone feel bad…

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Around the Blogosphere and Other Stuff

Great blog, great links

resolved to reason

As of today I haven’t completed the post I intended to publish by Friday of last week.  My wife and I are awaiting the arrival of our first child so my time to write has been limited to say the least.  I am working on it and hope to have it posted shortly.  In the meantime lets take a buzz around the blogosphere:

  • Michael J. Kruger is writing a series called “The Ten Basic Facts about the New Testament Canon that Every Christian Should Memorize.” The post is insightful and well worth your time. The third entry in the series can be found here.
  • Over at Reformation Theology, John Samson answers this question:

“How do you explain Adam then? God gave him a command not to eat the fruit but he also gave him free will to choose. Hence why we fell into sin. If he didn’t have free…

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